Zanco S Pen Phone Booking, Price, Launch Date & How to Buy Zanco S-Pen Phone?

By | December 8, 2018

Remember Zanco Tiny T1, the world’s smallest mobile phone? The mobile was introduced last year and again the maker is coming up with an innovative Zanco S Pen. With the Zanco S Pen Phone Booking Online, you can experience an incredibly portable and versatile device which has also got a powerful combination phone Bluetooth headset, stylish pen along with a voice recording option.

Zanco S-Pen: The Pen Phone by Zanco 

In this world of smartphone, you may think that there is no other better option other than this. But, thanks to the innovative brains around the world, we keep on getting new launches. The Zanco S Pen Phone Booking will definitely provide you with a great experience of handling a new device.

Zanco S Pen Key Features

The Zanco S Pen is a pen-like device which also operates as a phone. This handset is loaded with different features. This pen-sized phone has got all kind of daily essential functions. Below are the Zanco S Pen Key Features: –

  • A Pen Size Backup Phone: – No need to carry your large smartphone everywhere. You just need to carry the Zanco Pen Phone as a supplement to your primary phone.
  • Connect With Smartphone: – Just pair the pen phone with your smartphone via Bluetooth and you can receive the calls in your phone only. Just you need to be within the range of the Bluetooth.
  • Less Distraction with all amenities: – Everyone knows that the smartphones are huge distractions. Thus, this phone will be a great aid to concentrate more on real things rather than only the virtual world.
  • Voice Recorder: – Any conference or meeting of lecture, just record the voice and use for future usages.
  • Laser: – The device is loaded with a laser option which will support during presentations
  • Other Features: – It is also equipped with dual cameras in front and back along with the option of voice changer. You can surprise anyone by changing the voice. There are 13 different options to change the voice into.
  • Battery: – It provides a battery backup of 6 hours and a standby time up to 6 days.
Zanco S-Pen Key Features
Credit: kickstarter

Zanco S Pen Phone Specification

This device has got very simple and average specifications. So, kindly don’t compare the phone with modern smartphones. It is a new innovation and the makers resemble it as the best buddy for your smartphone but not as a competitor.

The handset only supports 2G network. However, instead of inserting SIM card, you can connect the device with your smartphone via Bluetooth and can make and receive a call and even send SMS from the pen.

The specifications of the handset areas below: –

Display 0.96-inch colour display
Front Camera 0.3-Megapixel
Back Camera 0.3-Megapixel
Screen Resolution 80 X 160 Pixel
Battery 400 mAh
Supported Language Multilanguage
Phone Book Memory 500
SMS Memory 100
Call Records 20

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Launch Date of Zanco S Pen in India

The Zanco S Pen launch date in India is yet not confirmed. As expected, it will hit the market by next 41 days as updated in their official website. The expected delivery date is showing as April 2019 when you try for Pre Order Zanco S Pen Phone.

Zanco S-Pen Phone Price in India

The details of the price may not be confirmed until the handset is launched. As per updates, the pen will be available with different accessories. Including all accessories, the handset will cost you around 110 USD

How to Pre Order Zanco S Pen Phone?

As the handset is not yet launched in the market, you will not be able to order the same. However, you can go for Pre Order Zanco S Pen Phone. To pre-order the handset, you need to visit the below link: – Click Here

It is clearly mentioned that the estimated date for the delivery of the handset is April 2019 and that is also anywhere in the world. Thus, it is the best option for Zanco S Pen Phone Booking to get the Pen handset in your hand.

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