Swoo Candy Krack Playing Tricks, Download MOD APK & Win Paytm Cash

By | February 25, 2019

Download Swoo Candy Krack APK, Play & Win Paytm Cash with Swoo Candy Crack Game App. You can also Download Swoo Candy Krack MOD APK in your mobile at your own risk. In this post, we will discuss Swoo Candy Krack Playing Tricks, Game Timings, Swoo Candy Krack Cheats, How to Earn more points and win more & Swoo Candy Krack Unlimited Tricks.

Quick Information: Swoo Candy Krack Game APK

App Name Swoo Candy Krack
Developed By Swoo Limited
Required OS Android 4.4 & UP
Last Updated January 30, 2019
Total Installs 10,000,000+
This Article Swoo Candy Krack Playing Tricks,
MOD APK Download.
Official Website Swoo.TV
This Website TechBuzzFeed.com

Download the new Swoo Candy Krack APK & earn Paytm cash prizes daily

With the coming of the smart phones one thing also came up which is to kill the time. Smartphones from the time beginning has gone through various updates that have led people to discover various new modes of entertainment.

Prior to the reign of social media anything a smartphone used to have been no more but games. Games that can easily entertain one!

Games have not only been a watch or an entertainment session for the people but also it was one of the good games that keep people involved in sorting out various problems. It also acts as a stress buster to many people who have been not been able to take out their irritation.

One can easily pass their time from more than half an hour or so. One such game is Swoo Candy Krack.

What is Swoo Candy Krack game APP?

Swoo has actually now become the global market leaders in the field of entertainment. It has recently launched this amazing game of Swoo Candy Krack which also helps you earn Swoo Candy Krack points which in turn into a live candy matching format.

This game has already seeked a thousand of fan following all around the world already. The game has been ranked third in the Swoo venture application and has been one of the best games followed right after the Swoo Bingo app.

The only motive behind the entertainment application is that one has to come and play and also earn at the same time. Being the gaming app it also encourages for the reward winners with various points.

The Swoo Mod apk already has two games in the pipeline:

  • Swoo Trivia Show
  • Swoo Bingo Show

Swoo has now come with a new game known as the as the Swoo Candy Krack. The best part about the application is that you not only get to play but also you can earn a real good reward in cash. There will be questions in your mind like:

  • What is this new app?
  • What are the playing tricks?
  • How to get unlimited Candy Krack point?
  • How to Earn more Paytm cash daily?
  • What is the Game Timings?
  • How to Download MOD APK?
  • What is Swoo Candy Krack Game Cheats?

Well these are the general questions that may arise in anyone who wishes to download the Swoo Candy Krack apk. Here, in the article we will guide you various trick and ways to earn points and how you can download and install the app in your mobile phones. The application comes with a lot of new features and fun raising elements that is going to be a mega blockbuster entertainment for you.

Do not worry about anything as we are going to answer all your queries here and explain you the ways to download the Swoo Candy Krack game show. Go through the entire article that will also guide you to earn points.

If you are planning to earn money by just getting entertained at the same time then surely you have placed a full stop to all your problems. With the amazing app all you need to do it swipe to pair the candies and make triplets and then earn points pass on the levels and there you are swiping amount in your Paytm wallet.

Isn’t it amazing? Has anyone one of us could believe that playing games and spending time on phone by playing games will help you earn money? Well with the Swoo Candy Krack apk you can easily Win Swoo Candy Krackpoint right into your Paytm account.

How To Play Swoo Candy Krack Game?

Now if your question is How to Play Swoo Candy Krack Game, then you have scrolled down to the right way friend.  The first thing to do is that you need to download the Swoo launching app in your android phones.

How to Play Swoo Candy Krack Game

So, if you are already playing the Swoo Trivia and Swoo Bingo app then this application will be already downloaded on your phone. You only need to update the app on your software and then you are good to go.

Make sure that you have already updates the Swoo apk on your device. Or if you do not have the Swoo Candy apk downloaded in your phone then follow the below given steps:

Steps to Download the Swoo Candy Krack APK:

If you are an android user then follow the below given steps:

  • Open your android play store
  • In the search box area
  • Type Swoo apk and pick the first choice being show on screen
  • Now click on download and then install the file
  • Hit on install button and wait for the file to be installed
  • Go to the home
  • Open the application
  • Sign in the app by using your Phone number, Facebook app or Instagram id
  • If you have chosen to give your phone number then you will be given an OTP
  • Verify the OTP
  • After that you can apply the refer code

For your more information. here is the Download link of APK File

What is the Referral Code of Swoo Candy Krack?

Share your referral code and earn extra lives in this game. This life can help you when you are playing the swoo candy crack game. So, follow these below steps and share your code with your friends & families etc.

Here is the Swoo Cany Krack Referral Code: [PLEASE REFRESH PAGE]

Note: Enter this refer code while you signup or playing this game.

How does the Refer code work?

The refer code works as

  • Once you have signed in you will get one life
  • If you use the refer code that has been provided to you will get one more life

This is an easy way to refer and have extra lives that will help you to earn points as well as this will also help you to transfer the money to the Paytm wallet as well.

How to share a refer code and earn extra lives?

It is an attitude that having extra lives will help you to stay in the game for a longer period of time. Moreover, these lives will help you in case if you are not able to solve the game at one go then with the help of an extra life you will be able to play it twice and get a chance to win again.

Swoo Candy Krack Unlimited Tricks

Swoo Candy Krack Unlimited Tricks:

If you are looking for the procedure is to share the refer code then follow the below given steps:

  • Open the Swoo candy Krack app on your android device
  • You can click on any game from there either it is Bingo, Candy Krack or Trivia
  • Now you can see there will be an option of balance and lives
  • Click on lives
  • Now on the screen you will be able to see the referral code
  • Below the code there will be an option to share
  • In order to share you can use any of the social media applications like WhatsApp or Instagram that will be helpful for your family and friends to use the referral code
  • In case if you have any reference code with you then you will be able to see the options have a referral code, on your screen
  • Enter the given referral code to you and then click on apply
  • If you have used any other reference code given to you by your friend and you will get one life and your friend would get three extra lives
  • Likewise when someone use the reference code given by you they will get one extra life and you will be getting three extra lives

**More the number of downloads of the game and use of referral code more lives will be added to your account.

The Swoo Candy Krack Game timings

Unlike other games this game is a bit different and unique which makes it more interesting for the uses to come and enjoy the various features it gives. My playing the Swoo Candy Krack game twice a day you will be able to earn a prize of Rs 20000 and Rs 50000.

Swoo Candy Krack Game Timings
Name of the game Timings Prize
Candy Krack Game 12:20 PM Rs. 20,000
Candy Krack Game 4:30 PM Rs. 20,000
Candy Krack Game 8:30 PM Rs. 50,000

However remember that the time slots remain different for both the games.

What are the main attractive features of the game?

The Swoo candy Krack game comes with various features that make the application more interesting and engaging than any other running app.

  • It is a live entertaining app
  • You can easily earn money using referral code and then transfer it directly to your Paytm wallet
  • The application is available for free of cost on the play store
  • You can on cash prizes of Rs.20,000 and 50,000 as well
  • Using reference code you will be able to increase the number of lives/chances to win
  • You will be given different milestones to complete and as soon as your milestones of the points keeps on increasing you will be able to earn cash back

If you are being hunted by the question that so much of money is involved and you can easily on without doing anything then don’t be because there is a trick for how to play the Swoo Candy Krack game?

Playing Tricks of Swoo Candy Krack game APP

Swoo Candy Krack Pro Tips
  • Make sure that every day you are ready right sharp at 4:30 PM and 8:30 PM
  • This is exactly the right time to crack the candies and on some Paytm cash into your Paytm wallet
  • You have to match the candies in order to win the cash prizes
  • In case if you can’t login sharp at the time given then you have to try next day at the same time
  • To earn real cash follow the given steps
  • Open the app on the above given timings
  • Now you will be able to see the host of Swoo Candy crack on your screen
  • The host will explain you all the rules of the game
  • By the time she is explaining you the rules you can see the option to unpack the candies
  • Click on unpack candies
  • Level one will appear on your screen
  • Now you have to match the candies on the screen
  • Make sure that while forming at your place of the candies they are of same colour only then the candies will burst

How to Earn more Points in the Game?

**Follow the same steps in order to earn more points

This is a very simple and easy way of earning money the more number of candies you match and burst the more points you will earn.  Are you must be thinking that what the logic behind earning a lot of point is. Well these points will help you in collecting the Paytm Cash.

What are the Levels of Swoo Candy Krack Game:

Levels of the Game

There are five different levels and each level will only be given a time schedule of one minute.  You need to match as many candies as you can in one minute and crack them.

Cross the Milestones to win this Game:

There will be 3 mile stones in the game and in order to earn money for the prize you need to cross the three milestones. So, if you are thinking to win the game then make sure that you have fulfil the requirement of the points in order to cross this milestone.

Cross Milestone to win game
Milestones of this Game

Following is the table guiding you about the points required by the person in order to cross the milestone and the Paytm cash to be received. Have a look:

Milestone Points Prize
I Milestone 12k Rs 5000
II Milestone 16k Rs 5000
III Milestone 20k Rs 10,000

How can you own more Paytm Cash?

Here are some simple tricks that will help you in earning more.

  • You need to make some special candies in order to own more points rather than base candies
  • Base candies are candies that are mast as triplets in same colour which will only give you 10 points
  • Special candies like 4- 5 candies being matched with same colour that will earn you 50 points
  • Also if you have an extra life and you have used it for that around then your school will be multiplied twice that means you will get double the points that you will be receiving
  • You should try to ignore three candies and try to crack the candies that have four or five in number

How to win Paytm cashback daily by Playing Swoo Candy Krack?

In order to win the Swoo Candy Krack Paytm cashback the process is quite simple

  • Make sure that you have many numbers of candies and try to on larger point in order to win cash prizes
  • Try not to use life in the first and the fifth round
  • Make sure if you have an extra life you can use it to double your points
  • Average score that you can get per round is 4000 points

So, if you play with wit then you can easily earn many points

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We hope that the article was helpful to you and you will be able to earn more Swoo Candy Krack points and also it will be helpful for you to earn the Paytm cashback too.

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