New Rs 200 Note Release Date in India by RBI

By | August 2, 2017

New Rs 200 Note Release Date in India by RBI. New Rs 200 notes to be released soon by Reserve Bank of India. New Rs 200 Currency Note to Released Soon, RBI Plans to Come Up With Rs. 200 Notes. Rs 200 Currency Note Will be Available Before August 15. Coming Soon, Rs 200 Note With New Security Feature.

Rs 200 Note Release Date in India

The Central Government has revealed that it will release a new currency note – the Rs. 200 note. Recently, there were rumors that the Rs. 200 note would be released while scrapping the Rs. 2000 note that is presently in circulation. However, the Central has confirmed that the Rs. 2000 note will not be scrapped at the Rs 200 note will be in circulation alongside all other currency notes. Rs 200 Note Release Date is not exactly known as of now. The central government has revealed that they are releasing a new note, but not any details regarding the release date or new features of the note.

Will the Rs 200 Note Replace any current Note?

It is highly unlikely for a note of smaller denomination to replace another note. Back when the Rs 2000 note was released during the demonetization drive by the central government, the Rs. 1000 Note was scrapped. But for the Rs 200 Note, it is highly unlikely that the Rs 100 Note will be scrapped.

However, it still completely remains the decision of the central government. If they want to get rid of the Rs 100 Note, it is more likely that they will stop printing and circulate the note in the market, thereby slowly make it obsolete, or demonetize it later.

It is also rumored that all other existing notes will be gradually replaced, having similar graphical and security features as that of the newer Rs 500 and Rs 2000 Notes. However, details regarding the Rs 200 Note will be officially available on the day of the Rs 200 Note Release Date.

Is the Rs 200 Note a part of another demonetization drive?

The introduction of the Rs 200 notes was decided long before the demonetization drive that took place last year. This means that the Rs 200 note release date and features were already planned and in place even before the demonetization of Rs 1000 notes took place.

Therefore, as mentioned before, it is highly unlikely that any demonetization will take place.

Why is the government introducing it?

After the demonetization, there was a massive gap in the value of notes that were in circulation. The number of Rs 500 notes after demonetization was severely limited. After Rs 100 note, there was the Rs 2000 note. This gap caused a bad mix of currency notes in the market.

By introducing another note that has a higher value than the Rs 100 note, the central government is trying to realign the currency mix of the system. Also, during this time, the government will try to make up for the shortage of the Rs 500 note.

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What are the security features of the Rs 200 Note?

The Rs 200 Note features the security features that are found in both the new Rs 2000 and Rs 500 notes. These include the following

  • See through Register that is visible when held against the light.
  • Devanagari Script
  • Electrotype watermarks of Mahatma Gandhi’s portraits.
  • Latent Image showing denomination value of the note that is visible when the note is held at eye level horizontally.
  • Intaglio or embossed printing for visually impaired and also as a security feature
  • Fluorescence inks are used to print the notes. Also, optical fibers highlight text when seen under the ultra-violet lamp.
  • New Security checks and security threads

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