RozDhan APK Download, Unlimited Token Tricks, RozDhan MOD APK

By | April 7, 2019

RozDhan APK Download, Unlimited Referral Tricks, RozDhan MOD APK Download: RozDhan Refer & Earn App Download. RozDhan Paytm Cash Loot Offer an easy way to upload, share and earn. Get Rs 50 Paytm Money for Sign Up and Rs 5 Per Refer to your Friends. Download RozDhan MOD APK File with Unlimited Token Tricks included that 100% Works.

RozDhan APK Download: Quick Info

App NameRozDhan APK
Current Version2.1.2
Required OSAndroid 4.1 and UP
App Size10 MB
Total Installs 5,000,000+
Benefits Get Rs 50 Paytm Money for Sign Up and 1250 Tokens Per Referral.
Referral Code01SJV4
Official WebsiteGoogle Play Link
This ArticleRozDhan APK Download, Unlimited Referral Tricks, MOD APK

What is RozDhan App, How to Win Real Paytm Money?

Are you trying to figure out some new ways to earn money, if entertainment is your forte then you have landed on the right page. Have you ever thought that the entertainment videos you have been making can actually help you earning money too?

Well, the RozDhan apk is one such app that will provide you with the platform to share amazing entertainment tricks along with earning money.

The best part is the article includes the tricks and earning methods with all the latest versions. We also have the one click download for the apk so you need not to hunt for the amazing apk on different servers, just one click and here you go.

How to Download RozDhan APK File?

If you are facing any problem in downloading the RozDhan app then you have landed on the right page. We will be guiding you the ways you can download the file in a single click.

Click on RozDhan apkDownload for a quick trick to earn the money.

Downloading the RozDhan apk is not a rocket science dear friend. If you are trying to download the file on your android phone then it is as simple as you download any other application from the play store.Download RozDhan APK

Steps to Download RozDhan App in your Mobile:

Follow the below given steps in order to download the RozDhan application directly from the Google play store:

  • Open your mobile’s Google play store
  • In the search box area, you need to type RozDhan app.
  • You will see the options flashing on your screen
  • The first on the list is the RozDhan APK that you need to download
  • Click on the download button
  • Wait for the file to be downloaded and then install the file

Download RozDhan APK

After installing the RozDhan App, Follow these steps:

  1. After installing the file on your android mobile
  2. Sign up for the app
  3. Now click on yes for the terms and conditions
  4. You can link it via phone number, Facebook or twitter

**At times the apk might not be installed in the phone for you must have chosen in the settings to not download anything from the unknown sources. So, in that case you must go to the settings and from there allow to download the application from the unknown sources.

After that once you have signed up for the app from your phone you can enjoy uploading videos and earning money.

Features of RozDhan Refer & Earn App:

RozDhan app is one of the best applications that can help you earning money by uploading videos through your phones. 

**Now not to worry you can easily receive the payment within two working days.

Trending features to earn money:

  • The app is not only about sharing videos and entertaining others but as we have already talked about sharing a video can help you to earn a lot of money. 
  • The best thing about this app is as soon as you download this amazing app on your android phone you will get a Paytm payment of Rs.25 in your account.
  • Along with that you will also get a referral code (RozDhan App Loot: Get Rs 50 Paytm Cash for SignUp and Rs 5 Per Refer).
  • Referral Code to use: 01SJV4
RojDhan APP QR Code
RojDhan APP QR Code

Benefits of Downloading & Using RozDhan app

  1. Using the RozDhan Invite Code– you can send it to your friends and if they use your invite to download the application you will get a Paytm payment of Rs.50 in your account.
  2. You can easily earn money through the RozDhan app
  3. Just like in any other YouTube video app here also you can like, comment and share your videos with your friends and family.
  4. Also you will get to see that for every video there is a different section allotted
  5. You can easily categorise it until different categories of the video and upload it accordingly.
  6. You only have to answer to simple questions and then earn money by enhancing your knowledge as well.
  7. Watch the videos even on a low speed Internet
  8. The best part about this application is that you can also download the videos that you like and then share it or upload it with your friends.

How I can earn money using the RozDhan App?

Now the main question arises is of how to earn money with this amazing app?

Many people still believe that these types of applications are false and are not useful enough to earn money. Well these days many applications have come forward with amazing tricks and referral codes that actually help many people to earn money and not only money but also they have earned a huge fame and popularity too.

We all have seen Instagram and Facebook post that keeps on uploading and your friends getting a lot of likes but at the same time you decide to upload a really good video on Instagram but you don’t get anything except for likes and comments.Download RozDhan APK

So, how about getting your talent a platform where you will be able to own without having to invest anything.

Many applications first ask you to put your account details in order to subscribe few important things asked in the application but with the RozDhan you can easily earn and also upload various videos in different languages.

Step-by-step guide to make money online using the RozDhan app:

  • The first and the foremost thing is that you need to download the application in your android phone.  You can easily follow the above given steps in order to download the application or click here
  • As soon as you have downloaded and installed the app and have done other things required now open the homepage of your android phone and click on the RozDhan app.
  • You will get Rs.25 and there will be an option to enter your number and then create your RozDhan account using of the social media handles for example Facebook or Twitter.
  • You can also use your mobile number for that matter of fact in order to create the account.
  • As soon as you have created your account you will get Rs.25 right after the processing and you can easily check the balance in your profile.
  • Likewise if your friend has used the referral code given by you or the RozDhan Invite Code you will be able to see Rs.50 credited to your RozDhan account which can later on we transfer to your Paytm wallet.

Why to choose RozDhan App over others?

  1. RozDhan app is not only a video sharing platform but as well as it can be turned into a very good income source as well.
  2. You can directly upload the video and get the money through the video shoes which can be easily send in your Paytm account. 
  3. It easier for you to have a passion also for creating videos and turn your talent into something that can help you achieve in money too.

Not only you will get the money from uploading the videos but the another feature that is RozDhan Invite Code for reference and earning you can easily share this application with your friends and every download a new Rs.50 to your Paytm account.

RozDhan Invite codes & Refer Codes:

S.NoInvite CodeDownload LinkPayment received
1.01SJV4Click HereRs 50
2.02Z1BYClick HereRs 75
RozDhan App Invite & Refer Code

How to Withdraw Money from RozDhan App?

Now you must be a bit confused that how to send this money that you have collected to your Paytm account.

Well RozDhan have terms and condition that is if you have downloaded an application on your profile has a balance of Rs.200 in the account you can transfer it to your Paytm wallet

Steps To Convert RozDhan Coins to Paytm Cash:

  1. Click on your Profile icon. 
  2. Now click on Income icon
  3. Now convert your coin in money. (It automatically convert in next day)
  4. Withdrawal your money in the bank or Paytm wallet.


  •  Minimum withdrawal limit is Rs.200
  •  You can withdraw a maximum of 5 times a day.
  •  250 Coin Value is Rs. 1

How to use the RozDhan Referral code?

  1. Now you have to go to the income option
  2. There you will be able to see an option flashing on the screen as earn more, click on that option
  3. That option will help you generate the RozDhan Invite Code
  4. You can easily share with your family and friends in order to earn extra money.
  5. Also, it will add Rs.25 more to your account which now makes a balance Rs.50
  6. You can share the RozDhan Invite Code through SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp and more the number of downloads more will be the balance.

Also the videos that you have uploaded with your other talent can help you earning a lot of coins as well and moreover it will help you to engage in social activities and have many followers as well.

Imagine you have been uploading all your talent worthwhile on applications that does not allow you to own from that. You already possess the talent of a stand-up comedian but however not getting an enraged platform your talent can only be uploaded by claps but not their money. 

But with the RozDhan APK you can also on as well as showcase your talent everything on a single bad form

How to Download RozDhan MOD APK File & Use it?

Here is the step by step guide of RozDhan MOD APK Unlimited Referral Tricks that 100% works. Please follow all the steps carefully and don’t miss any steps. Use RozDhan MOD APK using your own risk.

RozDhan MOD APK File Download
  1. First, you need to Download the RozDhan MOD APK File by Megamode app or you can even directly click on
  2. The referral code for the Paytm cash of Rs 50: use it as 01SJV4
  3. Now download the Dolphin apps
  4. Go to the RozDhan app
  5. Copy the invite link
  6. Now you have to go to the dolphin apps
  7. Then to the settings and click on turn off
  8. In the dolphin app, you will see Click upper
  9. Then if you are logged in the app click yourself logged out of the application
  10. Click on the search bar and then paste the invite code of the RozDhan app
  11. Now open your play store and wait for 40 seconds
  12. You may look for various other games if you wish to pass the time
  13. Then come back to RozDhan app and refresh
  14. You will right away get refer warm of Rs 5 every time you do that
  15. Enjoy earning more

These were some RozDhan refer and earn tricks that will help you to earn better even if you think your videos are not being uploaded well.

Anyway if your videos are doing well then it is always a bonus for you that will help you earn enough money in order to fill you side pockets. And what good it actually be if you would be able to make money fast and easy way.

If you have to download or upload the video through your laptop, then don’t worry with the help on software on your laptop device you can easily upload videos from your phone.

At times it happens that your android phone is not with you so that doesn’t mean you’re earning would stop right away. With the help of blue stacks software on your Laptop you can easily merge all the android applications that are running on your phone be it any game or any other social media website along with the RozDhan app you can use it through laptop too.

To transfer all the applications from your android to laptop use the amazing blue stacks software.

With this software you can transfer all the applications and even use it just like you have been exploring and using it through your android device.

RozDhan App Unlimited Referral Tricks

RozDhan App Unlimited Referral Tricks
  • To earn money from the application you first have to download it then open the application and simply place your phone number.
  • Then you will be given an OTP on your phone number which will redirect you to the home
  • After that on the right corner you can see an option me by clicking on it you will be able to earn Rs.25 directly to your account
  • Click on add invite code and then enter the given code- 005QUN
  • You will earn Rs.25 more and then you will see Rs.50 In your account.
  • Now refer to your friends for earning Rs. 25 whenever there is a download.

If you have been looking for a nice way to earn money with the amazing talent that you have got all to only use it as a reference for earning a lot of money then RozDhan app is one of the best apps that can help you to earn money just by resting it to your friends and making others entertained.

RozDhan App Customer Care Support Number (Toll Free)

To contact the support team of RozDhan App, you can use the below number to contact them and get help from them:

  • Support Email ID:
  • Support Number: Not Found!

Live Payment Proof Video of RozDhan Paytm Transfer

Here I am showing the video that proves, RozDhan Refer and Earn App work really and you can withdraw your coins & earning directly into your bank accounts and Paytm also.

It will also shows this app is real or fake:


So, what are you waiting for open your Google play store and right click on this amazing app that will help you to earn money by showcasing your talent. Share unlimited video for an unlimited earning!

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