RozDhan App Loot: Get Rs 50 Paytm Cash for SignUp and Rs 5 Per Refer

By | April 4, 2019

RozDhan App Unlimited Referral Tricks. Get Rs. 50 PayTm Cash on Signup & Rs 5 Per Refer. Download RozDhan APK File and How to Earn unlimited money from RozDhan APP. RozDhan App Invite & Referral Code. How to Withdraw money from RozDhan App?

Quick Info: RozDhan Mobile App

We use many sites and applications to view videos daily. This is a part of pour entertainment. But what do you get back in return for using the particular application or site? Of course, you are able to watch the videos, but what else? Nothing, you just spend your data balance and only able to watch the videos. What if I say that there is an application which will pay you for using the same for watching videos and other stuff? Yes, it is true, with the RozDhan APK Download; you can not only enjoy a wide variety of videos but also earn real money.

What is RozDhan Application?

There are many video sharing and viewing application available in which you can upload and share videos with others. The RozDhan application is similar to those; however, it comes with an additional benefit as it also provides you with the opportunity to earn real money.

As soon as you install the application and sign up, you can Rs 50 in your account balance. You will get Rs 25 for installing the application and Rs 25 for using the RozDhan Invite Code. After sign up, you can enjoy different types of videos and share them with your friends via different social media applications and other ways.

Thus, this application is a great option for people who love to watch videos and wants to earn some extra cash. With this application, you can earn from Rs 50 to Rs 10, 000 and that is also by following simple methods. In this article, I will provide you with detailed information about RozDhan application, how to use it, how to earn money and redeem the same.

Features of RozDhan Application

Before going for the RozDhan APK Download, you may want to know more about the same and its features and advantages. So, let’s find out why RozDhan is better than other video sharing applications.

The basic features of the RozDhan Application are as below: –

#1. Language Option:

As soon as you sign up for the application, you will get the option to select your preferred language. You can choose from different regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu or English along with others.

You can also watch videos from different languages in this application

#2. Free Download Option:

Most of the video sharing sites don’t allow you to download the videos. You need to use third-party applications to download the same. However, with the RozDhan app, you can simply view the video and if you like it can easily download the same in your device.

#3. Share the Video

If you like any video and want others to watch the same, you can simply share the same with a few simple clicks. You can share the video through your WhatsApp, Facebook or other sites.

#4. Low Data Speed

Unlike other sites and application, RozDhan allows you to watch videos uninterrupted and without the need for buffering even with very low internet speed.

#5. Different Video Categories

You can watch videos from different categories of videos like Featured, LOL, Weird, Celebs, Health, and Fashion etc. Thus, this makes your search more comfortable.

So these are the few features that you can enjoy with RozDhan APK Download. However, the best feature is that you can make real money through this application. There are thousands of people who are withdrawing money on a daily basis and it also gives you the opportunity to earn unlimited money on a daily basis.

In this article, I will provide you with the details about how to make money through this application along with RozDhan Unlimited Referral Tricks. So stay tuned and continue to know more about this application.

RozDhan APK Download Link

Here is the Link of RozDhan APK File to Download it from here. Use below Referral Code to Get Rs 50 on Signup instantly on your Paytm wallet.

Refer Code: 01SJV4

How to Install RozDhan APP on your Mobile?

The installation process is very simple as the application is available in the Play Store. Just open the play store and type Roz Dhan. You will get the option to install the application. After installing the same, you need to follow few simple steps to sign up and make money.

You can also follow the link to Install the application: – Play Store Link

Follow the below steps for the Signup

  • After installing the application, when you open the same you will get an option showing “Now login Roz Dhan send you 25Rs”
  • You can log in entering your mobile number or you will also get the option to sign up through Facebook or Google+.
  • After you give the mobile number, your account will be verified through OTP
  • Press continue
  • After that, you will get a notification that “Received Rs 25”
  • You will also get two more options stating
  • Invite one friend to get 1250 coins
  • Fill the invitation code to get Rs 25
  • Put the invitation code 01SJV4 and your account will be added with Rs 25 instantly

You can now invite friends to get more coins. Per invite will provide you with 1250 coins. You can also share the QR code of your account. You can even earn 200 coins by updating your description.

RozDhan App QR Code for Invite

To share the QR code, select the icon just beside the settings icon. It will be similar to a QR code only. To get to this page, select the human icon in the right side bottom corner in the home page.

After you select the QR code, you will get the option to share it via WhatsApp or Facebook or other options.

RozDhan App QR Code
RozDhan App QR Code

How to Make Money with RozDhan Application?

As you sign up in the application, you will be rewarded with Rs 25 and you can get additional Rs 25 for using RozDhan Invite Code: 01SJV4. You can check that the balance is instantly added in your application wallet.

Along with this, there are many other options to make easy money and the simplest one is with the Roz Dhan Refer and Earn Tricks. You can earn 1250 instant coins with each successful referral. Just follow the steps for the same: –

How to Get RozDhan Invite Code and Use it?

RozDhan App Invite & Refer Code
RozDhan Invite Code

This is the list of Roj Dhan App Invite & Refer Code. Refer code and Invite code are same thing, so don’t be confused between it. Read further for the RozDhan App Unlimited Referral Tricks and earn more while watching videos.

SL. No.RozDhan App Invite CodePayment Rewards
1.01SJV4Rs. 50/-

However, to make money, you need to make sure that your friend uses your invitation code. As soon he or she uses the code, you will be credited with 1250 Coins in your account.

  • From the homepage, select the human-like icon in the right end bottom.
  • In the middle, you will find an option “Invite each friend 1250 coins”.
  • Select that option.
  • In the next page, you will find icons of Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS and more option.
  • You can invite by using any of these options.
  • Your Invitation code will be sent to your friend.

Along with this, you can also earn additional coins on a daily basis or regular check-in. The amount of the coins increases with regular visits. You will also get to earn 200 coins for updating your basic information like your profile picture and others.

  1. From the homepage, select the human-like icon in the right end bottom.
  2. You will find an option of a human face at the top left-hand corner with your code
  3. Select that option.
  4. You will get the option to update your information like: –
  5. Profile Photo
  6. Nickname
  7. Description
  8. Birthday
  9. Gender
  10. Education
  11. Phone number

Update the above details and you will find that 200 coins have been added to your account.

You can also make money by uploading videos on the site. You can make any funny or informative video and upload the same or just download any video from other sites and upload the same. You can earn coins on views and shares of the video.

Roz Dhan Refer and Earn Tricks:

So, with installing the application and using the referral code you can earn Rs 50 with the Roz Dhan application along with Rs 5 for each successful referral. However, you can earn additional Re 1 for each of your friend’s successful reference.

This means, if you successfully refer to 50 friends then you can earn Rs 250 @5 each reference and if those 50 friends make 50 more successful references, you will earn an additional 50 bucks. The chain of the earning continues as the chain becomes longer and stronger.

What is the value of Per Coins in RozDhan Application?

The value of each coin or the conversion rate is not fixed. It is decided on every night for every user according to their and their friend’s activities. If you and your friends are highly active in sharing the application and in other tasks, you will be credited with amazing gifts.

Usually, the 1250 coins that you can earn on each successful referral will give you a value of Rs 5.

Are you disheartened by hearing just Rs 5? Don’t worry guys, here I will provide you with more lucrative options to make easy money through this application and that is also by spending a few minutes.

The RozDhan Unlimited Referral Tricks will allow you to earn as much as you wish and that is also without waiting for your friends to installs.

Eager to know about the secret, be patient, you will find out here only.

RozDhan App Unlimited Referral Tricks

These were all the possible ways to earn real money from the Roz Dhan application. However, the earning depends a lot upon whether your friends install the application or not. But we will provide you with a trick through which you can earn as much money as you want and that is also on a regular basis.

RozDhan Unlimited Referral Tricks

The trick is similar to the Roz Dhan Refer and Earn Tricks. There you need to wait till your friends install the application and use your code, however, in this trick, you can do all the required steps by yourself. How? Let’s find the same.

To use the RozDhan unlimited referral tricks, you will need two additional applications: –

  1. Parallel Space: –
  2. TextNow: –

You can download the above application from Play Store also. Both the applications are completely safe to download and have millions of users.

After you install the above two applications follow the below steps to get access to unlimited earnings: –

  • Open the Roz Dhan application.
  • From the homepage, select the human-like icon in the right end bottom.
  • In that page select the Invite option and copy your code. Don’t use the code that I have mentioned here. After installing the application, you will get your own code. Copy that.
  • After that, close the Roz Dhan application and open Parallel Space.
  • Here you need to make a clone of the Roz Dhan application.
  • Just open the Parallel Space application and select the “Add” option. From there you can make a clone of the Roz Dhan application.
  • After cloning is done, start the application from the Parallel Space only.
  • You will start getting the same option as you got while signing up for Roz Dhan application.
  • Select the preferred language.
  • Select “Let’s Start”
  • Then you will come to the page where you need to put the mobile number for OTP.
  • You can’t use your number as it’s already registered. You can use your Facebook and Google+ id to sign up.
  • After completion of the signup, enter your referral code in the option. You will see that your previous account got credited with Rs 5.

You can even use all the numbers that you and your family have along with the Facebook ids. However, this is limited to only a few options. You can do it a maximum of 10 times which means only 50 bucks. But with the RozDhan unlimited referral tricks, I will provide you with the idea to do it for an unlimited time. For that, you will need the second application i.e. “TextNow”.

So, when your RozDhan application from the Parallel Space asks for the mobile number for sign up, go to “TextNow” app and follow the steps: –

  1. Open the TextNow application
  2. Click on the option “ Get a Free Number”.
  3. Write the area code in the option. Write “567” in the area code.
  4. As you enter the code, you will be provided with a list of dummy numbers.
  5. Select any of the numbers and select the continue option.
  6. You will be provided with an OTP. Enter the same to continue.
  7. You will be asked to put your email id and password option to continue.
  8. You don’t need to provide your own email id. It can be anything only not used earlier with the application. Same goes for the password too.
  9. After that click of the “Complete registration” option.
  10. Now just copy the number and paste the same in the Sign Up page of the Roz Dhan application in the Parallel Space.

As soon you press continue, you will get the number. The RozDhan application will take the number automatically or you can also put it manually. At the time when your application asks for the mobile number, just change the code from +91 to +1 which is the code for the USA. You can also select the same from the scroll down option. Your OTP will be automatically accepted or you can even get it from the TextNow application

As you put your new number in the application, your sign up will be completed. You just need to enter your referral code there and you can see the amount getting credited in your balance. You can repeat the same as many times as you need.

You just need to clear the data of Text Now application and you can register again to get another number. And by this way, you can earn as much as you wish on a daily basis on your PayTm account.

So, isn’t it simple? Not getting sleep or waiting for someone, just follow the steps and make the time count as someone truly said: “Time is Money”.

Steps to Redeem the Money from Roz Dhan Application

Now that you have learned about the RozDhan App referral tricks, let’s find out how you can redeem the money. The money will be transferred to your Paytm account which you can later transfer to your bank account.

  • From the homepage, select the human-like icon at the bottom of the right side.
  • There you will get the option of “Withdrawal”
  • You need to fill up your paytm details.
  • After the proper verification is done, you can withdraw the balance in your account.

However, there are two conditions for the same: –

  • You can only withdraw when your account balance reaches Rs 200.
  • You can only withdraw a maximum of five times a day.

Along with this, about 10% TDS deduction will be charged from each withdrawal. However, the TDS charged is refundable. You need to bind your PAN Card to Roz Dhan application. Then you will be charged 10% TDS as per the rules of the Govt of India. If not done, TDS will be charges at 20% as per the rules. You can reclaim the Tax amount by filing taxes.

Download RozDhan Mod APK

You all guys now searching for RozDhan Mod APK File to Download. Roz Dhan Modified or Hacked APK File is now available to download from here.

MOD APK lets you allow to earn more and more Referral amount in your Paytm wallet cash. You can use it via Proxy APP to reduce the risk from account ban.

You can Install it with your own risk, It may cause problem with your RozDhan App account termination and more.

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Customer Care Number of RozDhan App 

If you face any kind of concern or need any kind of technical assistance, you can contact the technical team of Roz Dhan. You can write a mail to You will get the reply within 24 hours. You can also contact on RozDhan App Customer Support Number Toll Free: +9176206905822 directly.

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