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By | October 9, 2018

Patanjali Kimbho App Download & Installing step by step. Kimbho Chat APK Free Download Link. How to Download & Install Patanjali Kimbo Messaging App? Kimbho APK File Download & Official Play Store Link. When Kimbho App Re Launch in India again?

Finally, the date for the launch of Patanjali Messaging App has been officially announced. The Kimbho Chat App is a free messaging app giving a tough completion to similar apps.

Patanjali Kimbho APP Download Guide

On the eve of the 72nd Independence Day of India, Patanjali announced the launch of Patanjali Messaging App which is named as Kimbho.  Kimbho is a Sanskrit word which means “How are you” or “What’s Up”. The Kimbho APP Download will be soon available on Google Play Store, Apple Store, and other platforms.

Two months back, Kimbho Chat APP Download was available from Google Play Store. A trial version was launched by Patanjali. It was launched on 31st May on a trial basis for 1 day on 31st May. However, on the next day only it was removed for further changes and updating.

Patanjali’s Kimbho APK Downloading Issue

Several technical experts gave their suggestion regarding different security and other aspects of the app and thus after the complete up gradation, the Kimbho APK Download will be soon available.

The fame of the Patanjali brand name even follows the app as within three hours of the launch of the trial version of the app it got a download count of over 1,50, 000. Thus, it is obvious that the Patanjali Chat App is going to give a tough competition to the existing messaging apps like WhatsApp and others.

Launch Date of Patanjali Kimbho Messaging App

As per the tweet from Patanjali Managing Director Acharya Balkrishna, the app is now completely ready with new and advanced features. After doing some minor changes and fixing the shortcomings, the Kimbho APP Download will be available from 27th August 2018.

Patanjali Kimbho App Re-Launching Date in India

This swadeshi messaging app is definitely going to be a huge success like other Patanjali products as the people will be now able to use an India made the messaging app too. Kimbho App from Patanjali will Re Launched on Google Play soon by the end of this month.

Re Launching Date of Kimbho Chat App

Why was the Kimbho APP Download Stopped?

After the trial launch, Patanjali again re-launched the product for a 12 days trial period. However, the app got hastily removed from the Play Store. The beta-trial version was pulled down without any reason from Google Play Store and as per the official of Patanjali, it is a conspiracy by the multinational companies against the Indian made Patanjali messaging app.

As per the updates, talk is going on with Google about the same and it has been officially announced that Kimbho App Download will begin from 27th August 2018.

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How to Download Patanjali Kimbho APK Free?

The Patanjali Messaging App is completely free to download. The same will be available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store for download from 27th August 2018. It will support almost all Smartphones and others. Further details about the same will be available only after the launch.

Controversy with the Kimbho APK Free Download

Since the launch of the free trial version of the app, controversies started to pop-up in every few seconds. At first, the app was removed from Google Play Store and no clear reasoning was provided by Google regarding the removing of the same. After the removal of the app, several fake apps started coming up with the similar name and features and Patanjali declared warnings to not to download the fake apps.

Features of Kimbho Chat & Messaging APP

Finally, the Indian messaging app will soon hit the market on 27th July 2018. The app will have similar features like WhatsApp which includes: –

  • Free Messaging
  • Free Voice Call
  • Sharing of Images, Gifs, Videos etc.

It will work on data connection and is launching with a capacity of over 12 lakhs download in the beginning. The count of the Kimbho APP Download is definitely going to cross the same within few days of the launch.

Patanjali’s Kimbho Messaging APK Free Download Link

Here is the Google Play Store Download Link of Patanjali Kimbho Chat APP: Click Here.

You can Download it in APK File also to run, if your mobile does not support Google Play or if you don’t have google play ID. Click here to Free Download Kimbho APK.

Comment below if the download link is not working properly. Thanks!

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