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By | January 26, 2019

Patanjali 5G Mobile Booking Online Flipkart, Amazon, Price, Specifications & Features, Launch Date in India. Patanjali 5G Mobile Booking has got craze among the people who are actually looking for mobile phone as Ramdev Baba company has come up with the 5G mobile with the 5G Sim. Patanjali 5G Phone Booking Online Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal people are checking up the different online portal and also started comparing the price, specification, features of Patanjali 5G mobile for booking 5G Pantajali mobile phone.

Quick Info about Patanjali P1s 5G Mobile

Company Name Patanjali
Owner Baba Ramdev
Product Code P1s 5G
Announcement Officially Announced
Price in India 2500-3000 INR
Release Date in India Not Confirmed Yet!
Leaked or Confirmed Confirmed by Patanjali
Availability N/A
This Article Patanjali 5G Mobile Booking Online Flipkart, Amazon
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Launch Date of Patanjali 5G Mobile in India

Yeah, this is the most important question and the thing which people are looking to know before they opt for Patanjali 5G Mobile Booking Online. But Officially the date has been not declared by Ramdev Company’s and it still kept under suspense because it has many features and this article will cover the important features, specifications before anyone choosing Patanjali 5G Mobile Online Booking Online.  Before knowing the features of Patanjali mobile phone, there is one more important thing you need to know about the Patanjali 5G phone is its price & offers for online booking.

Patanjali 5G Mobile Buy Online with Offers & Discounts

Patanjali 5G Mobile has a combo pack of Free Calling and Data for 6 months: Yes.. it is wondering to know that Patanjali 5G mobile is coming up with the combo pack of 5G Sim with the Free calling and also free data for the validation of 6 months. Know the question arises in the mind, how much the cost of Patanjali 5G mobile phone if the person is looking for Patanjali 5G Mobile Booking Online.

Patanjali 5G Mobile Price will Rs 2500/- to 3500/- only

Many users are wondering after knowing the expected the price of Patanjali 5G mobile phone as the featured Smart 5G phone with 5G sim is just available at Rs 2500 – Rs 3500/- as the price is yet to decide by the Ramdev company and it is going to be done soon.

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Patanjali 5G Phone Specification and Features:

As every individual before selecting Patanjali 5G Mobile Phone Booking Online, everyone looking for mobile 5G features and specification which are added here in this article.

  1. Display with 5.5-inch Touchscreen HD screen
  2. Rear Camera with 13 Megapixels and 8 Megapixel in the front camera
  3. Memory Storage with 2GB Ram and 16GB internal memory
  4. 4G and 5G networks are enabled on this mobile, 5G is supported to this Patanjali mobile phone
  5. 3500mAh is the battery backup power for this mobile
  6. Operating System is Android 6.0.0

How to do Patanjali 5G Mobile Booking Online?

Now, it is time to know how to book Patanjali 5G mobile phone online on different online portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and other online shopping portals.

Patanjali 5G Phone Buy Online Amazon

  • Visit Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and other online shopping portals where you can find electronic mobiles devices
  • Now, if you already account holder you don’t need to sign up for booking Patanjali 5G mobile online whereas you just need to sign in with the credentials you have.
  • Now search for Upcoming Phone page after sign in the account
  • Select Patanjali 5G Mobile BookingOnline from the options and enter a shipping address for delivering the 5G mobile phone
  • Will get a notification as a message which says your booking of Online Patanjali has been completed.

Patanjali P1S 5G Phone Buy Online on Flipkart, Amazon

As per the updates from the tech world, the Patanjali P1s 5G Mobile Buy Online, Amazon, Flipkart will soon begin in India. Yes, Baba Ramdev is going to launch the Patanjali 5G handset and 5G SIM card in India and you can enjoy both of them at a very attractive price and offers.

Patanjali is known for providing quality products at the most reasonable rates. Now, they are planning to enter the mobile industry too. The Patanjali SIM card is already operating in the market; however, those are only for their staffs.

Release Date of Patanjali P1S 5G Mobile in India

As per the latest updated, the team of Patanjali is still working on the Patanjali P1s 5G mobile. This handset will support 5G technology, thus the confirmed date for the Patanjali P1s 5G Mobile Availability for Online Shopping is not yet available.

There are few hindrances for its launch. The 5G network is still not available in India, thus, even if the Patanjali P1s 5G Mobile Buy Online, Amazon, Flipkart starts, you will only get the 4G connectivity still the 5G service is made available in India.

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What is the Patanjali P1S 5G Mobile Price in India?

Patanjali being a swadeshi company, you can rest assured that the Patanjali P1s 5G Mobile Availability for Online Shopping will be at a very reasonable cost. The handset will be made completely in India by the team of experts from Patanjali groups and is going to be available at the most reasonable cost.

As per the leaked information about the Patanjali P1S 5G Mobile Price in India and the 5G SIM plans, the handset is expected to have a price tag of Rs 2,500 to 3,500.

Plans and Offers on Patanjali 5G Mobile with 5G SIM

Along with the reasonable price of the handset, you can also enjoy plenty of offers with the Patanjali 5G SIM card. As per updates, you can enjoy six months local and STD free calling and data service.

So, this is going to be amazing news for the people around the country. However, there is confusion about the availability of Patanjali P1s 5G Mobile Buy Online, Amazon, Flipkart as the last few launches of Patanjali SIM and schemes were only for their staffs. Thus, will the company introduce this for all the general public or only for themselves; this can be clarified only after the launch of the services?

Patanjali 5G Mobile Booking on Flipkart, Amazon

This phone is not officially launched on Flipkart or Amazon or any shopping sites officially. Please use this form to register your interests in Patanjali 5G Phone Booking Online and we will notify you with a notification. Please don’t forget to mention “Patanjali 5G Mobile” in the product section.

So, stay tuned to this page for the latest updates about the Patanjali P1s 5G Mobile Availability for Online Shopping.

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