Most Interesting Features Of Android P 9.0 – Petit Four

By | May 9, 2018

Android’s latest update Android P is here and we don’t know yet what P will stand for. Pizza? Paneer? Anyway here are the four most interesting features of Android P that you might need to watch out for in the new update. Google will commence its developer’s conference Google I/O tonight where it is expected to debut the second developer preview of Android P.

Features in Android P – 9.0 Petit Four

The upcoming developer’s preview will likely bring to light more new features that Google might introduce in the final build of Android P. We decided to compile a list of five features that we found interesting in the first developer’s build of the operating system. These features might get enhanced or removed from the future builds of Android as per Google’s convenience.

Here are some lists of Interesting Features of Android P (9.0)

Dual camera support in Android P (9.0)

This is the most interesting features of Android P (Petit Four). Most smartphone manufacturers have been shipping their smartphones with dual camera setups. Google with Android P is embracing that, with its new multi-camera API. This means that Android P will support two cameras from the get-go and developers won’t have to add a separate camera app for supporting their dual camera setups.

Google Android 9.0 Petit Four Updates

With this dual camera support, Google has added features like portrait, bokeh, 3D stereo vision and more to its API. This will help developers put their resources elsewhere to develop other features.

High-Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) support

Google has integrated support for the HEIF image compression format directly into Android P. The HEIF image compression format allows the operating system to compress images much more efficiently and store almost twice the data in the same file size a normal JPEG would. This means, in theory, a 5MB HEIF image would be able to hold as many details as a 10MB JPEG image.

Notch support in Android Petit Four

The notch has been a controversial issue since the day Apple introduced the iPhone X. Some people dislike it, whereas some people are okay with it. It doesn’t matter on which side you are, as the notch seems to be here to stay until manufacturers are able to make a true full-screen display. Google has acknowledged that fact and decided to add support for it directly into the AOSP.

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To make things look symmetrical, Google has moved the clock to the left and balanced both the sides of the display. They have also given developers the freedom to change the height of the status bar to accommodate their notch. Developers can also define the area of the notch so that in any full-screen app there is no important data placed there.

Launcher changes are also interesting features of Android P

Google has made a few changes to its launcher that other companies may incorporate in their smartphones. However, these changes cannot be in the AOSP can be left out. But currently, in the developer preview, the changes include a new volume slider, modified settings menu and quick settings panel. All these changes might be incorporated into the core AOSP in the future builds. However, right now the features have only made their way as launcher defaults for the Pixel launcher. This features also gonna be the most interesting features of Android P or Android 9.0 updates.

Redesigned notification panel in Android 9.0

With Android P, Google has decided to redesign the whole notification panel and bring support for much more informative notifications. Android will now preview a lot more information inside their notifications, like showing a preview of attached images, a list of the last few messages, even those already read to have a context. Additionally, it will also allow Google-Assistant powered smart replies.

We will stop here for now but will bring you more as soon as we get our hands on the latest Android P developer preview. So these were the most Interesting Features of Android P.

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