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By | November 9, 2018

Momo Game WhatsApp Challenge, Momo Game APK Download, Momo Game App Challenge Download, How to Play Momo Suicide Game, Momo WhatsApp Challenge Game Download. Momo Game WhatsApp Challenge is up to replace the deadly Blue Whale Challenge. The Momo Game APK Download is available but that is not the real MOMO. Momo Game WhatsApp Number of India, Japan, and other countries.

Momo Game WhatsApp Challenge App Details

After the game “Blue Whale”, we now have the new Momo WhatsApp Game Challenge which has become the talk of the world. Blue Whale became a famous game in all over the world in a quick span of time; however, it led to the death of many youngsters around the world. The Momo Game WhatsApp Challenge is also similar to the Blue Whale.

The Blue Whale game has been permanently blocked in across the world. But now the Momo Game is in the market with a similar kind of theme. The Momo WhatsApp Challenge has become a popular search item since its launch.

How to Play Momo Suicide Game Challenge?

There is no source yet found for the Momo Game APK Download. If you search in the Google Play Store, you will find a similar game, however, that is completely different from the original Momo WhatsApp Challenge Download.

In the game, you will have a sniper rifle and you need to kill the MOMO Ghost Mother. The original Momo Game WhatsApp Challenge is completely different where the challenges are real.

How to Install and Play Momo WhatsApp Game – Hindi VIDEO

Here is the YouTube Video about Momo WhatsApp Game Challenge APK.

The game is not available for download from any of the platforms. It comes through social media links or WhatsApp. You can try searching for the same from the search engine, but don’t think you will be successful as the makers of the game are very smart to not to make it too much popular to get caught or banned.

What is Momo Game WhatsApp Number?

Momo Game WhatsApp Challenge Number are available on the internet. Play this game at your own risk. People are searching for Momo Challenge Game WhatsApp numbers and Chats. Below the image containing the WhatsApp number of Momo Game Challenge Japan. Read the disclaimer before sending messages to this number.

Momo Game WhatsApp Number

Momo WhatsApp Challenge Game Download

As per updates, there is no official link for the Momo Game APK Download. Neither is there any kind of website to play or take the challenges. As per the available updates, the Momo Challenge was apparently started on the Facebook and a woman with ugly and fearful features have been used. Now the game is getting spread through WhatsApp.

Momo Game APK 1.08 Latest Version Download link at the bottom of the post. Play at your own risk.

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What Are the Momo Game WhatsApp Challenge?

As the game is not yet officially launched, the details about the challenges are not yet available. As per updates, at first, the members are given the challenge to communicate with an unknown number.

After the communication is done, the Momo challenge starts coming to the user which includes many brutal real-life challenges and may lead to hurting people too. The Momo Game WhatsApp Challenge is made to encourage children to engage in violent activities and may end up with suicidal attempts.

As per an incident reported in West Bengal, a girl posted on Facebook about her rift with her mother and she wants to end her life. Soon the girl was contacted by an unknown number in her WhatsApp to take the Momo Game Challenge. After that, she lodged a complaint in her nearest police station.

Police Forces from the several countries are trying to find out the source of the game. A 12 years old girl from Argentina has committed suicide and police is suspecting it as the outcome of taking Momo Game WhatsApp Challenge.

Stop ‘Momo Game’ Download: Parents beware! WhatsApp-based suicide game reported in India

However, there is very less news or complaint registered against the game and it has not yet become as popular as Blue Whale which has taken hundreds of lives across the world.

Momo WhatsApp Game APK Download Link

Our site is not promoting this game to play with. However the Download Link of Momo WhatsApp Game APK everywhere on the internet. I am just providing the link. Click here to Download and Install Momo Game Challenge APK on your mobile, PC and Laptop.

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