Jio VoWi-Fi Service Launching Soon, Release Date, VoWiFi App Download

By | February 15, 2019

Jio VoWi-Fi Service Launching Soon in India, Jio VoWiFi Release Date, Jio VoWiFi Calling App Download, Jio VoWiFi Service Plans & Price in India. To know more about all these, please read further.

About Jio VoWiFi Services:

Imagining a day without Internet facility has really become impossible these days. It is not just the effect of social media that Internet has given but also Internet has helped in sorting out many other problems. One can easily get to know about different places, different cuisines recharge their phone and pay their electricity bills or rents whenever and where ever they want.

And moreover this Internet facility has made easily available by the reliance Jio Company. 

What is Reliance Jio VoWi-Fi?

Remember the time when it was so difficult to use Internet with only 1 GB for one month well now reliance Jio has made things easy and possible. And not only through phones but now you can use the VoWi-Fi service for rather rendering speed of Internet on your devices. We all have seen BSNL broadband on Airtel broadband connections but now Reliance Jio has come up with an interesting Reliance Jio VoWiFi Service that gives amazing Internet speed. 

Well the reliance Jio Company has been on its edge to make this Wi-Fi service to be launched in the country as soon as possible and has been working on since July. 

Why to choose Reliance Jio VoWi-Fi service?

There are many benefits of subscribing to Jio services such as-

  • Jio has provided number one networks in all over the country. Whether it’s downloading an app on listening to online music Jio makes things faster and easier. 
  • In the initial stages of the launch Jio had only limited its service to Jio to Jio 
  • Not only to the smart phones but Jio can easily integrate the VoWi-Fi service to its Jio phone.
  • The Reliance Jio phones are the smart phones that have been specially made for you are the best Internet facility with a high speed Internet.

If you do not have a Jio phone and you wish to avail the Jio Wi-Fi service then don’t worry as with the help of the Jio VoWi-Fi Service app you can easily download on your android or Apple phone.

About Jio Wi-Fi Internet Facility:-

You can easily search, locate and connect to India superfast Wi-Fi network that will help you gave the best speed and high-quality Internet.

  1. Also with the geo Wi-Fi application you can always get the fastest high-speed Internet to connect with 4G Internet connection.
  2. You can easily navigate to any hotspot that is near your location. 
  3. The best part about this application is that you only need to enter your presidential once and then the next time you login the phone and the application can it’ll save the password which will make it hassle free for you to login next time.
  4. You can experience a speed up to 100 MBPS. Also the best part is there are more than 1000 hotspot locations all across the country that support Smart phones, tablets and other laptops and electronic devices. 

Jio app to soon launch the sim less VoWi-Fi telephoney connection:

Well as Reliance Jio has said given the best Internet and high-speed Internet facility to many of its customers it has come up with the new telephony VoWi-Fi. VoWi-Fi means the voice over wifi service in all across the country. With the help of this new service to the telecom based in Mumbai will be able to allow the subscribers to make voice calls through Internet without having any active cellular connectivity. 

There are various regions that have been under the testing of VoWi-Fi service by Jio.  The region is included under the Internet testing are

  1. Andhra Pradesh
  2. Telangana
  3. Madhya Pradesh
  4. Kerala

Upcoming projects to be launched by January 2019:

However, the reliance company has yet not come out with the actual plan and scheme that I was to be thrown with the VoWi-Fi Service. It has been in news that this New Year will actually bring a lot of good news for the Jio customers and surely many other people as the development could emerge officially in the coming month that is January.

In the initial stages you can see that the service will only be limited to Geo to Geo communication as per the Telecom talk. Later on the service can be expanded to other networks as well.

Also all the major smart phones that were launched recently have the Wi-Fi support that needs to be altered with a mere software upgrade and then you are good to go and choose for the best service. This service has been set up for fulfilling the major objective of providing the connectivity at the remote areas where the traditional network is not reachable. 

The launch date of the Jio VoWi-Fi Service app has not yet been disclosed by the Reliance Jio but surely January next year is going to be amazing. 

What is so rare about the VoWiFi service offered by Jio?

  1. In the telecom market there has been a huge noise about the service that is being offered by Jio.
  2. To the amaze this service is actually setting objective to provide connectivity in remote areas where no normal telecom operator service has been operated.
  3. If you are living in an area where the connectivity is really low and you’re not even able to make normal college then with this service all your problems will be sorted. 

Jio VoWi-Fi Service Launch Date in India

As we can see that the reliance Jio will be releasing this service soon in the month of January 2019 the other networks such as by the Airtel and Vodafone are also coming up with this technology as soon as they can. The good news for all the Jio users and Internet uses is that this new project of VoWi-Fi infrastructure has been based on the government‘s scheme of free public Wi-Fi project. 

Because you can see there are many Jio users already there for the Jio will come up with this amazing service as soon as they can and there has been an advanced testing which is already done and has been successful enough to be emerged out as the project in the coming month. 

When if you think that you have done with providing the best of what it can then there is are you surprised that has been awaited in the coming month. It is coming out with one of the best Wi-Fi service that allows making calls only on Wi-Fi connectivity. However, this facility is only available for Jio to Jio connections. 

If you are looking for reliance Jio via Wi-Fi app then be a bit patient as the app will soon be launched once the advanced process has been done. Moreover if you are a Jio network user then you should not worry as the application will easily be available on the play store once it is launched. 

Benefits of the Jio VoWi-Fi Service to the Jio users:

The app comes with various benefits for the Jio users as it is only functional to Jio to Jio service. Later on it will be expanded to other operators as well.

List of VoWifi Supported Mobile Devices

Here is the list of top VoWi-Fi Supported Mobile Phones. This will support Jio 4G/5G VoLTE Calling also on the listed device below:

  • Lg Spirit 4g
  • Lg Nexus 5x
  • Lg G3
  • Lg G4 Stylus
  • Lenovo Vibe Shot
  • Lenovo A6000+
  • Moto E 2nd Gen
  • Moto G 3rd Gen
  • Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
  • Samsung Galaxy A5
  • Samsung Galaxy A7
  • Samsung Galaxy A8
  • Samsung S6/s6 Edge
  • Samsung Note4, Note 5, Note Edge
  • Samsung J5, J7
  • Samsung On 5, On7
  • Sony Z5 Premium, Z5
  • Zte Blade S6/s6+
  • Intex Aqua 4g
  • Karbon Aura

NOTE: Comment down your mobile handset model name and we will reply back to you with that is it supports VoWiFi Calling Features or not.

How to Download Jio VoWi-Fi Service app on our android phones?

If you have the Jio phone then you need not to worry as you can download the app directly from the Jio play store and login via your Jio mobile number to start using the services.

Jio VoWiFi Calling App Download

If you are an android user then do not worry as all you need is a Jio network in order to Use the VoWi-Fi connectivity

  1. Go to your android play store
  2. Look for the app Jio VoWi-Fi Service 
  3. And then hit on the first option that you see and download it
  4. Wait for the file to get installed 
  5. After that open the App
  6. Now it will ask for your login and sign up
  7. If you are a new customer then you need to hit on sign up
  8. Now make sure that you are signing up with the Jio mobile number that you have been using
  9. You will receive an otp 
  10. Put the otp in the given box 
  11. And fill In The details asked
  12. Make sure you are using only the Jio operator in order to run the app 

The VoWi-Fi service offers has yet not been launched therefore one needs to wait until the project has been properly launched in the market. 

What are the features of the Jio VoWiFi App?

The amazing facts about the Jio Wi-Fi service app are that all you need is the Jio Wi-Fi service.

  1. You can make call without any network availability as it will not cost you to recharge the account
  2. Jio to Jio calling will give high speed Internet connectivity 
  3. You need not to struggle to download the application 
  4. All you need is a Jio number to run the application 
  5. This service is provided at places that are located in the remote area.

Download the Jio VoWiFi Calling App

Download the Jio app for your android phone you only need to go to the place store and in the search box a time Jio via Wi-Fi service app

The best thing about the Jio VoWi-Fi Service is that they already completed the security test for the services and the app is going to be launched soon in January 2019.  Apart from that there is also a new project coming up which is Broadband Jio Gigafiber service and will roll out in the month of March 2019.

With the new broadband Service you will be offered 1100 GB per month at a speed of 100 MBPS for three months.

As a purpose for the security the company will ask Rs.4500 for the modem and it will be refunded as you return the router and the model. 

The Jio service for your landline and home automation services is being on the pipeline. So you ought to wait for few more months to receive this amazing good news of high speed Internet without even buffering and getting amazing downloading speed and quality. 

If you have been looking for the amazing offers given by Jio then surely for the Jio wi-fi service one need to wait a bit more months in order to avail this amazing facility to all Jio customers. Internet has definitely made the world smaller and life much easier but however this Wi-Fi facility will make calling and connectivity easier, faster and cheaper.

You need not to worry about data plans and balance as all you need is to open the Wi-Fi hotspot and carry on the call facility. 

VoWi-Fi calling facility in Jio to Jio-

Do you have been making many things possible and easier on the common grounds of development? If you have been looking for Jio offers then you have to wait as the development for the offers and various facilities and arrangements is still to be planned. By the month of January we all will be able to enjoy the Jio VoWi-Fi service hopefully if the project has been gone through the last security check.

Make sure that if you still are not using any Jio network service then go to the nearest Jio store and get your Sim right now. Not only for the best services that are being coming up but do you has been offering amazing Internet plans which is the recharge of rupees 499 for three months and getting one GB Internet for a day.

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It has really made life easier and many people are being benefited by this amazing offer price. Get ready to enjoy the broadband Jio services at your home. Get the fastest connection with high-quality Internet at a high speed that will help you download any movie or your favourite series all to watch it online without even buffering. 

With the Jio Wi-Fi service you can connect to your near and dear ones over Wi-Fi facility on your Jio smart phone or your android smart phone. Make sure that you avail the best benefits out of the project as soon as it launches.

Stay tuned for more updates and news on the new projects being offered by Jio and for the download process as well!

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