Jio Phone SCAM -Reliance Launches Jio Free Phone: Scams And Rumors!

By | October 7, 2017

Jio Phone SCAM -Reliance Launches Jio Free Phone Scams And Rumors! Jio Phone Terms and Conditions. Is JioPhone are china mobile?  What to keep in mind after purchasing Jio Phone. Terms & uses of Jio Phone Order. Jio Phone Terms & Conditions: Not free, Rs 4500 Spent on Jio Plans: You will need to spend Rs 4,500 to get your Jio Phone for free.

Jio Phone Scam & Rumors

After launching Jio sim card last year, there was a recent announcement about the launch of Jio feature phone. The pre-booking of this feature phone began in the month of August. The buyers will pay the deposit fee of Rs. 1500 to get the phone which will be refundable after three years making it an effective zero priced phone. But still, there is a certain Jio phone scam going around.

What Can You Expect?

The Jio handset is a 4G and VoLTE enabled feature phone with a small screen and a numeric keypad. The phone has a single Nano-sim card slot and a microSD card slot as well. With a 2000 mAh battery, you will also get a head phone socket and a 2 megapixel camera and loudspeaker at the back of the phone. You will find the Wifi and Bluetooth option on the phone which also has multiple Jio apps preinstalled in it.

Will You Get The Deposit Fee Back?

One of the Jio handset scam rumor going around is that the company is just claiming and will not actually refund the deposit amount of the phone after 36 months. Just because you were getting Jio 4G services free and at low rates till now does not mean that the company will give away the phone also free. The amount will be repay following three years when you return the used Jio phone and follow certain Jio phone terms and conditions.

Rumor Of Jio Buying Cheap Phones From China

There was also a rumor that Jio has boycotted Make in India policy and has asked China to supply cheap mobile handsets. Many people wrote and commented upon this as a threat to the safety of the country and loss of India’s employment and income. But it is important for you to know that being one of the most renowned and reputed companies in the world, Jio would not ever commit such a thing to hamper its image and safety of the country. So you must conduct some research before believing in such Jio phone scam.

Is The Phone Really A Cost Effective Phone?

As the phone is a reasonably low priced feature phone, there are many people who have a doubt about its cost-effectiveness. But yes, the phone is very cost effective as by spending Rs. 1500, you are getting a whole lot of features like 4G internet speed and all the Jio applications that a normal feature phone of this price would not offer.

Jio Phone Terms and Conditions

  • Additionally, you are also getting your full amount refunded after three years of using the device which no other company has offered till now.So stop believing on Jio phone scam and false information.
  • The Jio handset has to be recharged with a monthly plan of Rs. 153 that will offer you free voice calls to any network and unlimited 4G internet for a period of 28 days.
  • Between the three years of using the Jio phone, you will have to do a total recharge of Rs 1500 every year in order to get the deposit amount refunded at the end of the third year.

You can order Jio Phone 1500 rs Online Booking from here.

JioPhone Scams – by Technical Guruji in Hindi

Here is full video details about Jio Phone Scams and Jio Phone Terms & Conditions. Please watch this video till the end and your all questions about Jio Phone will be answered one by one.


Still many people find this term and condition to be expensive to be followed. But it’s important to understand that these kinds of features are not available on other similar devices so it’s best to not give much importance to these scams.


These are various things that have raised the alarm in the market about Jio phone. Not all of them have any proof or evidence to support it. So stay away from such Jio phone scam and false news and make sure you trust only on the information posted on the official Reliance Jio website.

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    even if he ordered phones from China how it will lead to Indian unemployment? Manufacturing anything in india is not need to pay hinders of taxes, buy land at astronomical prices,pay bribes to many people.. We don’t have electricity for 7-8 hours at many locations.roads are poor called social activists are always keen to start some andolan and shut down he is right in importing phones from China..


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