{*Confirmed*} Freedom 251 Phone Delivery Starts again in 2018

By | June 3, 2018

Freedom 251 Maker is back – Freedom 251 Phone Delivery confirmed by Ringing Bells. Freedom 251 Latest News, MD claims can still deliver phones by early April 2018 seeks govt help to deliver world’s cheapest smartphone. Delivery News about Ringing Bell’s Freedom 251 Mobile.

Freedom 251 Launching March – April 2018:

Freedom 251 Mobile is yet to launch in the month of March and April 2018, if Government support in accepting the delivering of Freedom 251 to the people. Yes, as we all know there were controversial and MD of Freedom 251, Mohit Goel got arrested for the same issue and then got bail afterward. But now Freedom 251 will be back again and will be soon launching in the month of March or April of 2018 if government give support to do so.

Freedom 251 smartphones Delivery Start

Why Freedom 251 is not launched on the given date:

Everyone was surprised and got to know Freedom 251, the smartest cheap phone in India love by the features of the device by the people and many started booking, registering for this mobile online.  MD of Freedom 251 mobile had promised the applicants and users to deliver the world best smart and cheapest phone in India but was unable to work on the promise.

The reason for not Delivering Freedom 251 Phone:

Freedom 251 Phone Delivery: MD Mohit Goel gives the reason for not delivering the Freedom 251 mobile handset to the people who had registered for the Freedom 251 handset in the conference which held yesterday. He has a genuine reason to provide smart phone to every citizen of India and make digital startup for the Indian people and people will love to have this Freedom 251 because of the incredible features.

Freedom 251 Phone Delivery Starts again

Still, as he got released the Freedom 251 phone and then got arrested by the Police then later he got bail, MD Mohit Goel had six months of Jail for releasing freedom 251 and it was against the Government and because of this, he was failed to be on the promise of delivering Freedom 251 mobile.

Freedom 251 phone Idea reflecting the Market:

Now, the basic ideal of Freedom 251 has reflected the market, now Karbon is booming in the market for the Smartphone at the price of 1300Rs and Jio Smart phone Rs 1500 which people are pre ordering the Jio mobile online by paying rs 500. So MD Mohit Goel wants to clear the all these stuff and want to launch Freedom 251 India ka Smartphone in the month of April or March 2018.

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News about Freedom 251 Phone Delivery

As before the warning bell ranged for the MD Mohit, it was data about 70 million people had registered for the Freedom 251 and will be reaching 70 million people again in the perspective of delivering Freedom 251 India ka Smartphone to each of them

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