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{*Confirmed*} Freedom 251 Phone Delivery Starts again in 2018

Freedom 251 Maker is back – Freedom 251 Phone Delivery confirmed by Ringing Bells. Freedom 251 Latest News, MD claims can still deliver phones by early April 2018 seeks govt help to deliver world’s cheapest smartphone. Delivery News about Ringing Bell’s Freedom 251 Mobile. Freedom 251 Launching March – April 2018: Freedom 251 Mobile is… Read More »

Freedom 251 Smartphone maker gets bail in fraud case

Freedom 251 Smartphone maker gets bail in fraud case or Makers of Freedom 251 gets bail in the fraud case. Goel and Sumit Kumar, director, Ringing Bells, were arrested in February after Ghaziabad-based Ayam Enterprises alleged that Goel ‘defrauded’ the company of Rs 16 lakh. Freedom 251 Smartphone maker gets bail The ‘Freedom 251’ smartphone that… Read More »

[*NEWS*] Freedom 251 Latest News | Ringing Bells Updates

Freedom 251 Latest News | Ringing Bells Updates and Breaking NEWS: Freedom 251 Is The Lowest Price Smartphone. Have you ever dream of buying a smartphone at an unbelievable price? It is now available at only rupees 251 in the market. The phone is known as “Freedom 251” and is an outcome of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi… Read More »

Things you need to know about Freedom 251 performance Test

Things you need to know about Freedom 251 performance : If you take a look at today’s Smartphone’s, Freedom 251 performance on android, windows, and Mac based operating systems are ruling these days. There is no doubt that every person right from lower middle class to the rich man has got a Smartphone that is leaded with… Read More »

Freedom 251 Loyalty Card Programme Launched by Ringing Bells

Freedom 251 Loyalty Card Programme: Freedom 251 Maker Ringing Bells Introduces Loyalty Card Programme. Ringing Bells Launched on Tuesday, August 30, 2016 launched Loyalty Card. The Loyalty Card is made specifically for discount granted to customer. The Loyalty Card will be of three types Golden, Silver and Platinum and it will be valid for one years.… Read More »

**NEWS** Freedom 251 Scam or Not? | The story behind

Freedom 251 Scam or Not? : Proudly called by the makers as the world’s cheapest smartphone in human history, Freedom 251 was a scam like no other. The company behind Freedom 251 Scam, Ringing Bells targeted everyone starting from teenagers to old veterans, with their jaw dropping price of Smartphones. Officially declared a scam by… Read More »

[*NEWS*] Freedom 251 Mobile : The most Inexpensive Smartphone

Freedom 251 Mobile : The most Inexpensive Smartphone | Freedom 251 Mobile, The world is teeming with literally billions of smartphones and every year other millions of smartphones are being added to this digital world. All the smartphones are equipped with distinct features and price tag. Various Smartphone manufacturers are trying to keep expense down of their… Read More »

Controversial $4 smartphone to start shipping

Controversial $4 smartphone to start shipping-Cell phones are the most used communication tool today; it has changed the way of communication. They are not just related to communication purpose but play a crucial part in the lives of men and women in their daily life. The growing competition among the mobile manufactures has lowered the… Read More »