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By | May 6, 2019

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Read Disclaimer Carefully about Blue Whale Game Download

  • Protect Child From This Game Download [Education & Awareness Purpose]
  • Don’t Download Blue whale game app apk it is injurious to health and  Banned By the government of India
  • Stay away from this game, it may cause your death too.
  • This site is not promoting this game nor giving any download link of Blue Whale Game.
  • This post is just for Awareness Purpose. If you have any query regarding this, Feel free to contact us. Thanks

What actually is the Blue Whale Game Challenge?

Blue Whale Challenge #iamwhale

The government of India has banned for participating Blue Whale Game and also given strict warning to be away from downloading Blue Whale Challenge APK. Yes, it is officially said by the Government in India in the press meeting held and asked to create awareness among the people to about this Blue Whale game.

Must See- This Below Video Before Proceeding  [Rules of Blue Whale game]

Why is Blue Whale Challenge game officially banned?

It is said to be called as Suicide Challenge game as this Blue Whale Challenge App will finally tend you towards opting for suicide and making the death of the person who played this game. So the person who is mature enough can control their feeling and some are mentally strong can protect themselves from the challenges of Blue Whale Game Challenges and get rid of it actually. Age between 14-18 years are the real suffered from this game.

How is any Person getting suffered from Blue Whale Game?

Are you in wonder and surprise by knowing the fact that game is being evolved in taking human’s life. Isn’t shocked right? Yes to be, because people are getting addicted to this Blue Whale Game Challenge and for the people has become much easy to go for suicide instead of coming out of the game.

How many got killed with Blue Whale Game Challenge?

Yes, this Blue Whale game is mentally dominating for the different persons who have downloaded and addicted to this game. Are you in dilemma, how it is be doing then further in the article you will find and come to know how actually Blue whale game involved in killing human and being caused by the death of him/her. In Russia, around 130 and more are died because of this game, so let us know the reason and be aware of it.

People are attempting suicide for Blue Whale Game Challenge

Yes, you don’t believe that a game is responsible for taking the life of a human and even no one believes for the first time. But this is not joking this is true and much people have already given their lives because of this game, let us see why below:

  • Blue Whale Game Challenge is such a game where challenges come starting from the level 1 to the final Level
  • Isn’t look the same as the other game right? But no, it is the not the same game as the other, it is Killing game
  • It initially took level 1 as easy case giving low and easy challenge as to see horror movie alone
  • Now level 2 will be like something jumping from height of building
  • Some certain difficulties level include to take blade and draw the structure of whale on the hand which is quite difficult and uneasy task and people are still doing being risk their life
  • Final level 50 of Blue Whale challenge game is attempting suicide and many have become victim already

So, this is how the Blue Whale game is very dangerous and keep this game away from the child. It is going to be viral and many are getting addicted to this game. So please protect yourself and others too.

Blue Whale 50 Days Tasks List:

Here are the tasks, taken from several sets of the tasks list that were shared and translated on Reddit.

  • Carve a specific phrase on the person’s own hand or arm.
  • Wake up at 4:20 a.m. and watch a scary video (sent by the curator.)
  • Make lengthwise cuts on the person’s own arm.
  • Draw a whale on a piece of paper
  • Write “yes” on the person’s own leg if ready to be a whale. Otherwise, they should cut themselves multiple times.
  • Secret task (written in code.)
  • Scratch (a message) on the person’s own arm.
  • Write a status online about being a whale.
  • Overcome a fear.
  • Get up at 4:20 and go to the roof.
  • Carve a whale on the person’s own hand.
  • Watch scary videos all day.
  • Listen to music the “curator” sends.
  • Cut your lip.
  • Poke the person’s own arm/hand with a needle.
  • Make yourself hurt or sick.
  • Go to a roof and stand on the edge.
  • Stand on a bridge.
  • Climb a crane.
  • At this step, the “curator” somehow checks to see if the participant is trustworthy.
  • Talk with a “whale” on Skype.
  • Sit down on a roof with legs dangling over the edge.
  • Another job that is in code.
  • A secret mission
  • Meet with a “whale.”
  • The “curator” assigns a date that the person will die.
  • Visit a railroad.
  • Do not talk with anyone all day.
  • Give an oath/vow about being a whale

After these steps, steps 30-49 involve watching horror movies and listening to music that the curator picks, talking to a whale, and making cuts.

The last task is jumping off a building.

Blue Whale 50 Days Tasks List

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Details of Blue Whale Mobile Game in Hindi

Here is a video about this game in details by Technical Guruji. Please watch this carefully till the end. This video is in Hindi for Indian users or whoever understand Hindi well.

Download Blue Whale Suicide Game APK

It’s only obvious that Blue Whale  Game is not released officially on the Google Play Store because of the content it holds. Therefore, if you are looking forward to getting hold of the app, you have to download it from third party sources making sure that they are clean and that they can’t harm your device.

You can Download KBC Official APP from here only.

Where To Get Blue Whale Game Link To Download

Actually original blue whale game is not present on the internet and anywhere nor in google play store neither in any app download website,

So this game can be directly sent by admin to anyone through social media and it can be only sent from person to person.

So don’t find any links online to download it. It’s totally time wastage in my openion.

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How To Download Original Blue Whale Suicide Game

Actually original blue whale game is not present on the internet and anywhere nor in google play store neither in any app download website. So you can Find it any other source like as may downloading sites has given its link.

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