Top 6 Android 9 Pie Features & Updates, Get Android Pie 9.0 in your Mobile

By | August 7, 2018

Android 9 Pie Features – Android Pie Top 6 Features & Updates, Tips to Get Android 9.0 Updates in your Mobile. The new version of Android is finally here and the Android 9 Pie Features are awesomely attractive. Let’s check the Android 9 Pie Supported Handsets and other details.

Android 9 Pie Features & Updates

So finally, the wait is over as Google launched its final version of Android P software. There was a huge number of anticipation going on about what the “P” stands for. Some came up with Pudding or Pumpkin Pie or Popsicle as per the standard trend of Google’s dessert-themed naming history. Now, it has been declared by the company that the “P” stands for Android 9 Pie.

As the name stands for, the latest version of Android 9 Pie is also sweet. With added attractions in comparison to the last release Android Oreo, the Pie version seems to be very much attractive. There are many added Android 9 Pie Features in the latest version to enhance the smartphone experience.

Android 9 Pie Launch Date in India

It has been officially announced about the launch of Android 9 Pie, however, the details are a bit complicated. The release happened on Monday, i.e. on 6th August 2018. However, you may not be able to update your handset to use the new Android 9 Pie Features right away.

Android Pie 9.0 Updates on Google Pixel Phone

You can use the new Android version on Pixel Phones but via a free over the Air update. According to Google, the update for the new version is rolling out. Thus, you may not be able to get the same right away and you may need to wait for a bit longer.

Android 9 Supported Handset

As per updates, the new version will be available for Sony, Xiaomi, HMD Global, Vivo, OnePlus, Oppo and others who have participated in the Android Pie Beta along with Essential will be issuing the latest software updated by the end of December. December 21st, 2018 is the expected Android 9 Pie Launch Date.

Android 9 Pie Supported Handset

What about Other Handsets?

Users of Samsung, LG, Motorola and other handsets may need to wait a bit longer to experience the Android 9 Pie Features. As per updates, the new version of Android 9 Pie will be available in mid of 2019.

As per the latest news, the Google Pixel 3 which is due for release on 4th October will get the Android 9 Pie early.

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Top 6 Android Pie Features in Details

As the name sounds, the Android 9 Pie Features are evenly sweet. The same will definitely enhance the mobile experience. Below are the details of the features: –

  1. New Gesture Navigation: – In the new version, the home button will come in the shape of a pill which can be moved. The overview button is gone and the back button will appear whenever needed.
  2. Google Material Theme: – The new theme will be having added white spaces and round corners.
  3. Curb Phone Addiction: – We all needed this feature. This will be added in the extra window in the handset and will be providing you with the complete details your usage. Called as the digital well-being, it will show how long you are hooked up with your phone and with which apps. It will also have app timer to notify you in case of prolonged usage of any app.
  4. Official Dark Theme: – It was in the news for a long time, now it will be available with the Android 9 Pie version. You can fix a dedicated setting to switch between the light or dark theme or let Android P decide for you.
  5. Adaptive Battery: – The new version will provide you with more consistent battery with the help of on-device machine learning. This figures out the different apps you will be using in the next few hours. With a saving of over 30% of battery usage with this, it will definitely add up to a few more hours of the handset usage.
  6. Adaptive Brightness: – You now will no more need to change the brightness of the handset with the Android 9 Pie. The feature has been enhanced to calibrate the screen brightness on the basis of individual behavior and environment.

These are just a few from the lot. There are many others which are added to the list of the Android 9 Pie Features. So, enjoy the new version of Android 9 Pie, just be patient till its release.

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